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YUI- Goodbye Days
29,Oct 2010 01:45 AM
07,Apr 2011 10:51 PM
A love in the darkness, Yui san can only come out at night due to her illness, Takeshi san who surf when the sunrise, their love soon unfold to a sweet ending. I really want to cry when listening to this song. I love the movie 'Taiyu no uta'.
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i like YUI:)
_akane | 07,Apr 2011
태양의노래..보고 유이 정말 좋아했는데..だいすきです。 うた very good。
toallee | 08,Feb 2011
Shizuka☆ | 27,Nov 2010
speak your english well okay? Don't make mistake lol it proves that you are lousy
ron631 | 29,Oct 2010
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*Taiyou No Uta (mistake)
rentheng | 29,Oct 2010