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Daft punk
daft punk covered by pentatonix
18,Oct 2014 01:03 PM
14,Nov 2014 03:14 AM
cover song.
so is goooooood!!!
Total comment(s) :10
I'm pentaholic. :D Let's meet
selisa | 14,Nov 2014
펜타토닉스 노래중 제일 좋아하는거네요 ㅎㅎ
chan-cha | 12,Nov 2014
they're sooo fantastic♡♡٩(。∂ω∂。)۶
Hinako(⑅ | 12,Nov 2014
I love pentatonix♥♥♥
lhr5889 | 11,Nov 2014
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they are always fantastic
love you pentatonix!
lien1234 | 09,Nov 2014
daisukit | 07,Nov 2014
this is the their best cover i think !
kokierin | 02,Nov 2014
I think so 222
kims5306 | 02,Nov 2014
Yes yes. :) Their best cover from the ones I heard.
nyankofr | 31,Oct 2014
kims5306 | 02,Nov 2014