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11,Jan 2014 08:32 PM
01,Feb 2014 07:35 AM
Crossfaith - Countdown To Hell Official Live Music Video
Crossfaith - Eclipse Official Music Video
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Are not they posh?
nigel_ev | 01,Feb 2014
Ooh normally they will come to my city these summer holidays ! :O Should I go to their concert ? ^^
poulpe | 22,Jan 2014
of course! go to their concert!!))))
really looking forward to the video and photo reports))) ;D
nigel_ev | 23,Jan 2014
I also love crossfaith\m/
wg34 | 22,Jan 2014
와 여기서 Crossfaith 를 볼줄은;
cafee22 | 20,Jan 2014
owlsoul | 16,Jan 2014
They are cool?)))))
nigel_ev | 12,Jan 2014