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하츠네 미쿠
3D Virtual live♡
20,Mar 2012 10:23 PM
03,Apr 2013 04:29 PM
Butterfly on your right shoulder

By Rin&Ren
World is mine

By Miku
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I love vocaloid! My favorites are Miku,Luka, and Yuzuki Yukari!
Rexy | 03,Apr 2013
헐 머여 ;;
sfty1000 | 01,Apr 2013
이건좀 아닌거 같다
qwer3523 | 31,Mar 2013
jhj7543 | 30,Mar 2013
I like vocaloid!!>_<
Especially i love Ren♥
leemj | 17,Mar 2013
K i r e i ~
Tommy88 | 22,Mar 2012