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Like I always do ♪
13,May 2011 07:30 AM
17,May 2011 01:11 AM
Like I always do ♪
make my day
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politics | 16,May 2011
Though i'm not into J-POP or J-Entertainment, but i like Aragaki yui songs and i think the most i like is 'heavenly days' and 'make my day'..... i only like yui in J-POP lol
snafu | 15,May 2011
Who is Yui??? Is there a Yui in j-pop?? Which yui???
sangjong | 17,May 2011
Island Boy rentheng love island girl Aragaki YUI lol lol
sangjong | 14,May 2011
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Don't tell me about Japanese music or j-pop because i don't give a damn about it ;D I'm much interested in K-POP and Taiwanese bands, other than that i'm not interested ;D In fact, i don't really listen to korean songs or jap songs....
sangjong | 17,May 2011
haha bro. Temo ne... I think she was a good singer and artist. I like most her songs like ; "Heavenly Days", "sora", "memories", "Chiisana koi no uta", "sign of the moon" and "Make me Day" Those songs are worth listening to...

I'm just a fan of Aragaki Yui~~~~ haha
rentheng | 15,May 2011