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22,Apr 2011 11:32 AM
28,May 2018 05:21 PM
the song I like~~
it is so good.
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Actually I heard that a member of f x starred in to the beautifel you! Very good k-drama
fzgkorea | 05,Oct 2018
Thank youuuu!
fzgkorea | 05,Oct 2018
i love it~
vh101 | 28,May 2018
danger very very good!!!!
mmmo_uk | 19,Jun 2011
f(x)~~~~!!!!! Amber Love!!!!!!!!
sami sami | 19,Jun 2011
f (x) 좋아 ∼^^ようぉ에 【사란헤요】 ♥
yujin206 | 08,Jun 2011
아 f(x) 진짜 좋아요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
ju__ | 19,May 2011
I like this song♪
I love Amber and Luna!!!
bbigbang | 15,May 2011
oh! this is so nice~~~ PINOCCHIO! haha
tomomi_ | 09,May 2011
Amber love!
chihi1214 | 08,May 2011
I love f(x)!!
ayame-17 | 08,May 2011
I like Amber also:)
love this song btw
hae_bin | 08,May 2011
I love f(x)!!!
I love Sulli(^^)
snsd38 | 06,May 2011
i like this song!!!
i like amber!!!!!!
sayuri--!!! | 05,May 2011
귀여운 
ARISaa | 02,May 2011
ㅠㅠ 엠버가 돌아와서 정말 좋음
이노래도 좋지만 전 포미닛을 좋아해서......
bsh9664 | 29,Apr 2011